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Fri, Nov. 19th, 2010, 11:48 am
ele_eternal: Hail and well met!

My name is El and I wanted to invite you all to join in a brand new world wide pagan / 'kin community project.

The Merry Meet!

Created by the Pagan Community, for the Pagan Community.

Where pagans, otherkin, psychics and alternative spiritual types connect from around the globe!

Create your profile, make a group and forum for your coven, join other pagans and spiritual folk in intelligent conversation on our forums, share images, music and stories or simply connect with new and old friends.

You can even create and promote your events or your pagan related business!

The Merry Meet is here to bring together our community with Love, Joy and Wisdom. We're still brand new and slowly ironing out the kinks so please be patient with us!

(somewhat cross-posted on LJ. Apologies!)

Fri, Oct. 23rd, 2009, 03:23 am
rohaa: (no subject)

Hey all :) I've spent the last hour or so reading back entries on this comm.

The last few months, I and several other intuitives have worked very hard on setting up an online school where people can take (free) courses of a few months to learn about the meta-intuitive, how they can start using their own intuition more reliably, how they can work with energy and increase their awareness.

So far, we're on our third group of students, and many of them are reporting that they are feeling healthier, have less problems in their personal lives and are taking much more control over their own life. Dealing with stress is easier, and they're beginning to really deal with all the issues that are holding them back. They're also doing their fair share of really amazing intuitive work.

What I'm wondering is what people who are interested in learning these things are looking for specifically. What are the problems with the meta-physical you run into most often, what areas would you wish there was more info about, what are you curious about but dont know where to ask?

Also, if you were to receive healing/energy work from an intuitive, what would you expect, and what results would you want the most?

I'm trying to determine what topics people would most want us to teach them, and in what order. Are people more interested in learning to sense ghosts and other entities and dealing with them, or would you prefer to learn how to ground and shield properly? Do you want to stop people from stealing your energy, or do you want to know why the world has been changing so much lately? Do you want to be able to tell if someone's lying, or do you want to find ways to deal with anger and fear, or clear up your energy blocks and make your chakras work smoothly?

If anyone's curious,

I'd be grateful for any insight any of you can offer!

Sun, Aug. 2nd, 2009, 02:03 pm
planetmatt: Konxari Cards. What do you think?

So I posted here a while back, but I think I came across the wrong way. I'm not looking to sell anything, just your feedback.

What's the consensus? A card divination process that combines tarot cards with a ouija board?

Can these cards really deliver messages from those on the other side??

Wed, Jun. 10th, 2009, 06:04 pm
planetmatt: How to Perform a Konxari Reading!

Wanna contact the dead?

No, seriously. I've just produced a new video that shows how to use Konxari Cards to communicate with those on the other side. This may sound complicated, but this user-friendly video will show you all you need to know in less than 5 minutes!

The video below will have you solving your poltergeist problems in no time flat. Whether you're eager to ghost hunt, or contact a loved one long-gone, here you'll learn the simple steps to utilize the Konxari, quick and easy.

For more information, or where to order your own deck of Konxari Cards, visit!

Sat, May. 16th, 2009, 09:45 pm
holywatcher: (no subject)

sorry for advertising

Many great books, articles, journals are being made available online for the first time!

Contributions are welcome.

Mon, May. 19th, 2008, 03:43 pm
zahdi: For Empaths and awakening Psychics

*crossposted to my journal* I found this on the "Empaths" Yahoo Group. It's from a series of lessons called "Teh Book of Storms" for Empaths, located on the web. Copied text follows, enjoy ^_^:

Jad discusses some of the barriers and myths we must overcome in
order to grow as an Empath.

I thought I had to be able to read minds. What barriers did you bring
with you when you began this journey? What barriers do you still carry?

Jan Owens Empaths Group, Administrator, The School of Empath
Stage One – Awakening the Sleeping Empath Within You (excerpt)

Part of recognizing your Empath nature involves identifying the barriers
that hide it from you. Psychic interactions take place outside of that
light, through the unconscious mind, the sleeping mind, in relatively
unexplored territory. That is the very definition of psychic, the
activities that are occurring outside of the light, outside of conscious

Psychic functioning requires certain conditions. You must learn to
identify pervasive prejudice in order to recognize your own psychic
Barriers to Psychic Evidence 1. Myth
Myth # 1 -- "Psychic ability is a supernatural phenomenon." Psychic
abilities are part of human nature. They are the result of subtle
interactions between the brain and nervous system with the environment
(environment includes other living things). The model of "Empath"
includes psychic functioning as part of being alive, of being human.

Myth # 2 -- "Psychic ability is a gift that only some people possess."
Everyone has psychic abilities. An Empath is closer to a "personality
type," so not everyone would be an Empath without development.

Myth # 3 -- "Psychic ability means the ability to see into the future."
this is the least common of psychic events. The majority of psychic
functioning occurs in the form of remotely obtaining information already
in play. Telepathic communication, empathic reading of individuals,
obtaining information via extrasensory means, such as remote viewing
(clairvoyance) are the more common psychic experiences. Empathic
ability, which is the result of "integrated psychic ability" is
continuous and pervasive within an awakened Empath.

Myth # 4 -- "Psychic ability is unlimited and unconditional

Vision and hearing have limits and conditions, and so does psychic
functioning. Examples of what conditions influence psychic functioning
are: how relaxed or tense a person is, what a person pays attention to,
a person's belief systems, emotional states, values, needs, desires,
perceptions, and so on, and so on.
2. Belief Systems
Philosophical and religious beliefs may act as a barrier to
understanding the psychic. It is important to understand that being
superstitious and pursuing psychic development are two separate
activities. As Empaths we have to make a conscious commitment to
recognize and avoid superstitious thinking. Another belief is psychic
phenomenon are just nonsense.
3. Misinformation
Misinformation is the result of incorrect examples and the perpetuation
of misleading stereotypes. Most psychic events are very subtle and
usually related to ordinary situations. Psychic information results from
genuine connections between living things and especially between people.
4. Fear of the Unknown
The world you live in is primarily a world of perceptions, held together
by beliefs and ideas. This built in protective instinct can also act as
a barrier to you accessing your empathic talents.
Dreamtongue will allow you to understand more about your Empath nature
and the psychic nature of existence itself than ordinary language will
ever provide.

© 1996-2007 Jad Alexander

Sun, Apr. 6th, 2008, 08:35 am
the_real_eris: (no subject)

You must read this. It is about Draconian/Saurian conspiracy. While you have been sleeping, this is what your biatch Discordia has been up to. :

Sun, Apr. 6th, 2008, 08:35 am
the_real_eris: (no subject)

If you would like to make Allah cry, chant mantras and do breath-counting exercises. Any polysyllabic mantra chanted outloud or within one's mind, constantly, will be fit for this purpose.
And say "Shankar" once a day
P.S. "If you see Allah on a road, just say: I am not afraid of you, no no no I am not."

Sun, Mar. 30th, 2008, 05:32 pm
the_real_eris: RE: JIHAD

Someone is planning to start JIHAD in Australia. Dear techsupport, what do I do?

Sun, Oct. 28th, 2007, 04:08 pm
zahdi: "Energy" Teachings

How does the community think the best method of teaching is, regarding the conscious control of emotional and thought energies? I've come to realize that "feeling" and "emotion" (if you will allow me to make that arbitrary distinction) are two completely different things. Whereas I could be "feeling" one think I could "emote" another. I believe, or rather have so far observed that EVERYONE picks up on *emoted* energies. To explain what I mean, when I say "emote" I'm trying to refer to the energy that empaths generally pick up on; that ghosts leave behind in places where they lived last; that gives people a "good vibe or a bad vibe;" and a host of other things. It's been my observation recently that all these sorts of energies are from one base type of energy. I just don't know how to explain to others how to use it.

The reason I'm trying? Much of the basis for how we perceive people is based on what they *emote.* But, I haven't quite figured out how to explain how to control emoted energies i.e. withdrawing, pushing, directing/focus, shutting off, and changing from one "emotion" to another.

Help if you know? I'd really appreciate it.

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